Group Employee Mortgage Plan

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GEM Inc’s Group Employee Mortgage Plan offers mortgage subsidy benefits that are potentially tax-free to employees, when implemented correctly in accordance with CRA rules.

As part of a complete compensation and benefits plan, the Group Employee Mortgage Plan offers employers a unique attraction and retention tool, substantial interest savings to employees, and tax efficiency for both.

Turnkey management of the program and all reporting allows both the employer and employee to save time and money.

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About Our Company

Now almost any Canadian company can offer tax efficient mortgage subsidies to its employees as part of a complete compensation and benefits plan. Don't you owe it to your valued employees to go beyond dental?

These same benefits have been available to bank employees for decades. GEM makes it possible for any company to offer comparable benefits to its staff.

GEM is a product of the collaboration of the services provided by, MediDirect® and First Foundation Mortgages.

If you're looking for a great way to attract and retain key performers, contact us today!

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