Murray Malley




Murray brings to MediDirect® over 26 years of senior executive experience in the Financial, Technology, Medical, Aviation, Manufacturing and Distribution industries. He has held numerous directorships and executive positions on Boards of Directors and in Management and has guided companies through change management in these various positions. He has written articles and provided seminars on Human Resource Management and Benefits, Corporate Sustainability, Enterprise Risk Management and Governance and Succession. Murray received the 2000 Distinguished Service Award from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, was a member of an Executive Team which received the 1998 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Special Recognition Category and was also a 1988 Gold Medalist in the Chartered Accountants Provincial Taxation Exam. Murray’s vision is to alter the way benefit programs are provided to allow employees to manage their health and wellness while assisting corporations and organizations in managing their benefit costs.

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